Cleaning Your Carpets Yourself

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Advise on Carpet Cleaning

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Ok, so you have decided to save the costs of engaging in a Professional Carpet Cleaning company to attempt cleaning your carpets yourself.

Firstly, let me tell you, follow these steps and don’t deviate. Often we are called in to clean after people have attempted cleaning your carpets yourself. Cleaning your Carpets yourself is not something that can be easily done it involves having to deal with a lot of difficult things that could compromise your carpet’s cleanliness. Carpets need to be cleaned more than once a month especially for corners that receive the most traffic.

Over Wetting

Over-wetting is one of the most common problems. Why? Because when you clean anything and the dirt starts moving you think, well its starting to come out. By applying this attitude to carpet cleaning you are very likely to encounter problems when cleaning carpets. As most people make the awful mistake of over-wetting a carpet during carpet cleaning. This is would sometimes pose as a difficult challenge as you should not apply more water than what the machine is capable of recovering.

Furniture Stains

Furniture Stains is common when Carpet Cleaning if you don’t understand what furniture to not put on wet carpet. Never put timber, chrome, metal etc furniture on wet carpet. PLastic yes, everything else pretty much no. Even when the carpet feels dry. It’s likely the underlay is still wet. The weight of the furniture will press on the underlay which will moisten the carpet in which will stain the carpet. SImple thing to do here is put plastic under the furniture. Rip up shopping plastic bags if you need too.


Browning is water marks on the carpet. Caused by over wetting the carpet.

When the fibers of your carpet get moist, the stain becomes evident on the surface. An experienced carpet cleaning professional would know what it takes to appropriately address carpet wicking and browning. A professional carpet cleaning technician will have available products to remove this. It’s extremely likely someone hiring a carpet cleaning machine would not have the products to fix.

If you decide to hire a carpet cleaning professional to clean your carpets for you, do not forget to ensure that they are doing a right job. So you can benefit from an improved carpet appearance.

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