End of Lease Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control services are done by Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast, however, the Bond & Lease Cleaning Service and prices quoted are by A&E Pty Ltd. Any questions regarding end of lease bond cleaning call 0415584748.


A&E Pty Ltd uses all the latest lease cleaning techniques and products. At times ‘normal wear and tear’ applies therefore it is not possible for the item looking like new, however, this is just normal wear & tear.


Bond (lease) Cleaning Inclusions (Unfurnished Property) , The following services constitute the A.E Pty Ltd Bond Cleaning service.


End of Lease Cleaning 

All cobwebs are removed, and insect marks and small nests where Pest control is not warranted are removed and cleaned. Cleaning is also done for fans plus air conditioners and all the filters.


Cleaning is also done for light fittings (of course they need to be accessible) Further cleaning is also done for spots, light switches and power points. Skirting, architraves, doors plus more. Cleaning is also done for drawers and cupboards (they count a lot when getting your lease money back is important) Doors and cupboard tops and shelving all cleaned. And there’s more….


Windows & More..

Windows are cleaned on both sides, inside and outside only if safe to of course. Can’t be hanging outside a tall building!! so yes, exclusions apply at heights and accessibility. Also on our checklist for vacate cleaning, tracks are next.


All tracks above and below throughout the property are vacuumed, which includes sliding door tracks, and tracks are cleaned. Standard blinds, cords and rails (spot clean and dusted down). All floors will be vacuumed, including tiled timber floors as well as carpets. Hard floors, all mopped.




Now let’s go into the kitchen. Cleaning is done on the inside and the outside which includes on top of all the cupboards, doors and drawers.  Cleaning is also performed on the inside and outside around the stove top, the elements, the rings as well as the knobs.  For lease cleaning it is also important that we clean the inside and outside of the oven, the griller, the doors, trays, racks, glass and knobs.  Because we are professional property vacate cleaners, we also take care of any mess behind the refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave.  Cleaning is done in all these areas so you can get your lease money back. Sinks, drain holes, drainers all cleaned and tap ware polishes up so you see your face like a mirror! The greasy range hood exhausts that we all have, yes, and the filter can be removed and cleaned. Splash area cleaned & polished as well.



Clean exhaust fans, the inside and outside of all cupboards and drawers. Hard areas such as behind ‘S’ bend of toilet and the toilet as well. Around the cistern, under and around the toilet seat. All done. Have a bath? Then that is cleaned. Shower recess, remove built up soap residue on tiles and shower screens & soap holder. Done! Clean the sinks and polish all tap ware and towel rails. Then there’re the mirrors and windows, window tracks and floors. Anything missed?



Clean Inside and outside, all cupboards and drawers also in between. Clean inside, outside and behind dryer*. Remove lint. (If applicable) Clean inside, outside and around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers, tap ware. But wait, there is more….Clean behind washing machine* space. Clean equipment and filters (if applicable). Clean all walls, windows, window tracks and floors.



Sweep floor and remove cobwebs. Not much else here to do.



Sweep and mop floors, remove cob webs.


In addition to the above items, a furnished property bond clean also constitutes;

(a furnished property is quoted differently given the time required)



Dust and wipe over furniture services. Kitchen cupboards will be cleaned only if ALL ITEMS are removed and placed in front of the cupboard. NO RESPONSIBILITY TAKEN or have no liability for any damage or breakages of cupboard items. Best to be sure they are all removed from the property.


NOTE: Standard blinds are blinds with a surface that can be dusted or cleaned without requiring a specialist and or extra time.

For example, fabric blinds or curtains would require a blind cleaning specialist. Venetian & Roller blind cleaning will be quoted on separately, based on the number of blinds on the property.

Furnished properties will require a separate quote.


*Cleaning behind/around these items or any heavy object (as per our terms & conditions) over 5Kg must be moved by the client (and put back if applicable) for our cleaners to gain access and clean.


Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control will be done by Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast



Enquires can be done through us or alternatively call A.E Pty Ltd direct on 0415584748

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What You Can Expect From Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast Services


Well, it would start off with our team providing great communication.  By calling us or using our forms to submit an enquiry or a request for quotation, our staff will be onto it right away.


The next thing is that you will speak to someone who not only understands your requirements, but has had 20 years experience.


Our office manager Jayne has taken thousands of calls. She is so good she can answer any question you may have. Stains is her specialty. She is also known to give advise on removing stains yourself rather than take a booking. 


We will guide you through the process asking relevant questions so we can accurately  provide you with a quote that will be comprehensive so that nothing gets overlooked.


Once we schedule your job, you can also expect that our technicians will always be punctual and that our cleaning technicians will be clean, dressed properly and take care of personal hygiene.


The one thing you can expect when using Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast is we will provide a cleaning service job that you will be happy with.

Of course, what’s also important is the fact that Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast have police clearances on all our staff, and that we are fully insured.

Fact is that over the years we have dedicated ourselves to discover the most effective shampoos and cleaning solutions for every job.

This, together with finding the techniques, trainning and trade secrets that we can count on, gives us the confidence to guarantee results that will make you, the end user very happy.

However, it doesn’t matter much what we say, so just read our reviews.


Consider that over years we have been sought out by the largest and most prestigious businesses on the Gold Coast including The Sheraton, The Marriott, Prada and more. Then there’s Australia’s fantastic Family Resorts, Paradise Resort & Ashmore Palms.  Shops and Shopping Centres such as Prada, Domayne, Pacific Fair, Elanora Shopping Centre, Helensvale Westfield Shopping Centre, Goldsteins Bakery, Florsheims Shoes and more. Schools such as Robina State High School & Elanora State School We are now also servicing Tweed  Heads which has already been welcomed by Property Managers for Real Estates. Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast has also entered into Brisbane offering all our services. This has been welcomed by Lutwyche Shopping Centre and Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. As well as this our management team & technicians have serviced thousands of home owners & over 100 Real Estate Property Owners


This speaks volumes about Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast that not only will you be happy with your job, but that you would be happy to refer us to family, friends and aquaintances as well.

Of course we cannot work miracles, but we consistently provide results that some people describe as miraculous. So give us a try, even if it just for a small job to start off with. You will soon realise that you have found a keeper in Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast. Call us now on 1300 650 251

End of Lease Cleaning
End of Lease Cleaning
End of Lease Cleaning
End of Lease Cleaning
End of Lease Cleaning
End of Lease Cleaning


Whether we are cleaning your carpets, upholsetery, leather, mattress or in need of stain removal, NEVER trust your stains with those unqualified in the alchemy of stain removal and its requisite chemicals. 


There are so many fake operators out there that have no idea and use the wrong cleaning solutions. Using the wrong chemicals inevitably ends up causing permanent damage to your valuable fabrics, carpets, and furnishings, and to be frank, most of them use the wrong cleaning solutions.


Often these cleaners have a high alkalinity, which is effective on grease and oil, but being a high ph can very easily leave you with a terrible chemical burn. This is of course if it is a wool carpet. In all cases, if you choose to use one of these after market over-the-counter type of carpet cleaners or stain removers, please be sure to read the description and warnings.

It will very highly unlikely to remove coloured stains. Hopefully, you get to read this blog on stain removal before you act and buy a product off the shelf. Unfortunately, there are many so-called “experts” that say to try this and try that.


It all sounds simple. What they don’t take into account is the different types of materials that make up carpet. You could have polypropylrne, synthetics, wools, and others, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. Then there is the ubiquitous food stain.

It could contain curries, vegetables, oils, a mixture of anything and everything. Only an expert qualified carpet-cleaning technician will be able to guide you through the process or attempt the removal.