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Mattress Stain Removal at Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast. Because we are serious about mattress cleaning means you are guaranteed of a great result. Therefore you will sleep in a healthy mattress because of this. On the Gold Coast we offer Steam Cleaning & Dry Cleaning because we like to guarantee you the best possible outcome.

Before we attend to the stains using the Steam Cleaning Method, we tackle the Dead Skin Cells & Dust Mites. This being the food that Bed Bugs Live Off!





Think about it. You are sleeping on a mattress daily and therefore, it is guaranteed the mattress will be embedded full of dust mites, dead skin cells, germs and possibly bed bugs!! Watch this video above, see for yourself.

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There have been multiple studies that have shown over 70% of mattresses are contaminated. They are contaminated because with allergy-inducing dust mites its likely your mattress is a statistic? You read right. Disgusting hey! Yet we still all dread the idea of buying a new mattress every eight years, as merchandisers suggest we do. Our Process When Stain Busters Gold Coast cleans your mattresses, we always offer both the dry cleaning and steam cleaning methods as a result you will end up with the best possible clean. The advice I give is purely my own personal experience, although many in the industry share my view. As a result of the dry cleaning method you can be sure this works the best for removing the dust mites and dead skin cells. Our Process When Stain Busters Gold Coast cleans your mattresses, we always offer both the dry cleaning and steam cleaning methods as a result you will end up with the best possible clean.


The advice I give is purely my own personal experience, although many in the industry share my view. As a result of the dry cleaning method you can be sure this works the best for removing the dust mites and dead skin cells. The ultra violet light kills off any bed bugs. The Steam Cleaning method is great because it helps remove the stains. No doubt the results will show this the best method for removing stains, body fluids etc In many cases because the stains have been present in the mattress for so long, the stain won’t don’t budge. Rest assured though, the mattress will be clean.


Either way, because we offer both dry cleaning and steam cleaning you are guaranteed not only clean and fresh but because of this an allergy free mattress as well. A conservative approach to cleaning your mattress would be annually by a professional cleaner. Ready to clean your mattress because you no longer want to be a statistic? Call us now 1300 650 251 or fill out the online form. Professional Mattress Cleaning is what Stain Solutions Gold Coast believes in. Stain Solutions Gold Coast should always be your #1 choice because when the time arrives, you should never attempt to perform mattress stain removal yourself. Unfortunately many make the mistake of thinking they attempt the mattress stain removal themselves and because of this they never get a professional result.


You’ve spent a fortune on your beautiful mattress. Therefore it makes sense to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and follow maintenance measures, like spot cleaning and regular vacuuming. Then, you realise your mattress needs to have a proper clean. Because the stains starts looking unsightly and the once fresh smell from new has gone. You know it’s time to get a professional mattress cleaners help. So, one thing NOT to do is go to the local hardware or supermarket and hire a carpet cleaning machine. As a professional carpet cleaning company we can assure you this is a bad choice. Therefore seek to have it done by a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company or Professional Mattress Cleaning Company. Until things go wrong, it will always appear to be cheaper doing it yourself rather than using a professional carpet cleaner. For too many people, it looks like an easy job. I mean to say “who can’t put water in a machine with shampoo and start cleaning”. If it was as simple as that then yes, anyone can. Nothing can go wrong, right? WRONG! Oh oh, things have gone bad. The next section of this article I will explain why you never really save money. Above all I will talk through how easy it is for things to go wrong.


That beautiful mattress you slept on now looks secondary. Not to mention the associated health risks that goes with the mattress stain removal not performed properly. The other risky factor is the mattress could carry excess water. Truck Mount Preferred Option The best method is Steam Cleaning using a Truck Mount. Now you’re not going to get a truck mount machine in the back of your car. It’s highly likely you won’t even get a portable carpet cleaning machine in your car!. So the machine you hire is really probably equivalent to a carpet cleaner from your retailer. Not always but in most cases yes. Therefore many things play part in successfully cleaning your mattress. SUCTION: Without good suction, unless you make several dry passes you are really running a HUGE risk of overwetting the mattress. At a minimum standard, you will only accept the power of a portable as it will have 2 motors. However, a truck mount is a totally different beast. A good truck mount and a good operator will leave your mattress drier and cleaner hands down!


What else can go wrong during this process? Well, the stain removal solution is going to stay embedded in the mattress as there’s not enough power to draw it up. HEAT The water used can only be as hot as the hot water system can produce on the property. In most states, the temperature is regulated and will not be anywhere near the heat of a Truck Mount. So what does this mean? As professional carpet cleaning truck mount machines operate at far higher temperatures and pressures it is impossible to produce the same result. The boiling hot water will enable far greater stain removal extraction. SHAMPOO: The Professional Carpet Cleaning Company has access to specially formulated shampoos not available to the public. Stain Solutions Gold Coast uses formulated shampoos that are Bio Degreadeable and with some of the Shampoos Allergy free!. You can’t just use any shampoo. There are shampoos for different stains on the mattress and for different conditions. One product does not do all. Stain Solutions Gold Coast has up to 8 different shampoos to choose from. So What Can Go Wrong? If you clean your mattress yourself, it’s likely the mattress will be too wet. BROWNING: Browning is very common when the mattress is over wet. It causes a brown stain over the mattress.


When you rent a carpet hot water extractor machine the chemicals that come with them can be too alkaline. These chemicals along with over-wetting of the mattress can increase the chance of cellulosic browning. NOW THE HEALTH RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH OVER WETTING THE MATTRESS Mould, mildew and dust mites. It’s not often, but possible that over wetting the mattress will introduce mould and mildew to the mattress. It’s not always obvious but some of the signs will be darker areas on the mattress. Often you might not see it at first as the mould and mildew usually grows on the backing of the mattress which turns to black. Many people say the mattress starts smelling. DANGER: The horrifying danger is the spores now get released. Not good, particularly if you’re an asthma sufferer. If you live in a high humidity area, due to mattress being over wet can also increase dust mite populations. This means that a suitable dust mite control program needs to be implemented. This link is directed to dust mites etc on a mattress but still relevant. Are you still feeling you are best to use a hire machine to attempt the mattress stain removal? Probably not, however, you know more of what can go wrong so you’re in a better position to make the right call. So now is the dollars saved really a saving? Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast guarantee our work so you can be sure of the best possible outcome.


All our Mattress Cleaning technicians have Police checks so you know who is entering into your environment is trustworthy. Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning technicians are qualified to clean the mattress to the IICRC standard and if an accident happens our mattress cleaners are insured which means you are covered. Our Stain Solutions Gold Coast Management have serviced over 100,000 properties on the Gold Coast. As well as this, over 100 Real Estate Property Managers use our services. Property Managers want the very best for the Landlord’s property they manage.


Establishments such as Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort Gold Coast, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Market Central Lutwyche, Elanora Shopping Centre, Westfield Helensvale Shopping Centre, The Marriott, Paradise Resort plus so many more have all used our services. Our services include: Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, Fabric Protection, Water Damage Restoration, Upholstery Cleaning, Carpet Stain Release, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Odour Removal, Mattress Cleaning, Leather Cleaning, Stain Removal, Glass Cleaning, Anti Bacterial Virus Treatment In conclusion, many times after people have attempted the mattress stain removal and attended to the stains themselves it turns out bad. If you don’t feel comfortable with attending to the Mattress Stain then call us for FREE advise or to do the stain removal. Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast. Ph 1300 650 251

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What makes Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning better than most? We have a Management Team & Technicians that are pationate about Stain Removal & Carpet Cleaning . We regularly train ourselves, however nothing beats hands on. Our office manager has been in the Industry for close onto 20 years. Taken thousands of phone calls related to Stain Removal & Carpet Cleaning. She will always discuss the stain offering tips to attend to the stain yourself.

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    It could contain curries, vegetables, oils, a mixture of anything and everything. Only an expert qualified carpet-cleaning technician will be able to guide you through the process or attempt the removal. 


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