Shower Glass Cleaning

Shower Glass Cleaning is one of many services on offer at Stain Solutions Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast.


We strive to do the best so we can deliver the best possible outcome.


The process of our cleaning gives a deep clean using the best of products and electrical buffing equipment.


This combination allows for the products to work deep into the glass, freeing it from Soap Scum.

It is always best to maintain the glass in the shower by wiping down after each shower as the water alone can stain the glass, leaving hard water spots.


If allowed to settle for a long period, the water stains can easily turn permanent.


Often after the removal of the soap scum, these water marks are now visible.  


The product is designed to treat water stains, but there is no guarantee they will budge.

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What You Can Expect From Our Carpet Cleaning Services

The one thing you can expect when using us to do your cleaning service is that you will be happy with the job.

Of course, what’s also important is the fact that we have police clearances on all our staff, and that we are fully insured.

Fact is that over the years we have dedicated ourselves to discover the most effective shampoos and cleaning solutions for every job.

This, together with finding the techniques and trade secrets that we can count on, gives us the confidence to guarantee results that will make you happy.

However, it doesn’t matter much what we say, so just read our reviews.

Consider that over years we have been sought out by the largest and most prestigious businesses on the Gold Coast, as well as by thousands of home owners.

This speaks volumes about us being able to expect that not only will you be happy with your job, but that you would be happy to refer us as well.

Of course we cannot work miracles, but we consistently provide results that some people describe as miraculous.

So give us a try, even if it just for a small job to start off with

You will soon realise that you have found a keeper.

Cleaning Solutions for Stains

Never trust your stains with those unqualified in the alchemy of stain removal and its requisite chemicals. So many fake operators out there have no idea and use the wrong cleaning solutions.

Using the wrong chemicals inevitably ends up causing permanent damage to your valuable fabrics, carpets, and furnishings, and to be frank, most of them use the wrong cleaning solutions. 

Often these cleaners have a high alkalinity, which is effective on grease and oil, but being a high ph can very easily leave you with a terrible chemical burn. This is of course if it is a wool carpet. In all cases, if you choose to use one of these after market over-the-counter type of carpet cleaners or stain removers, please be sure to read the description and warnings. 

It will very highly unlikely to remove coloured stains. Hopefully, you get to read this blog on stain removal before you act and buy a product off the shelf. Unfortunately, there are many so-called “experts” that say to try this and try that. 

It all sounds simple. What they don’t take into account is the different types of materials that make up carpet. You could have wool, synthetics, polypropylene, and others, and what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.Then there is the ubiquitous food stain.

It could contain curries, vegetables, oils, a mixture of anything and everything. Only an expert qualified carpet-cleaning technician will be able to guide you through the process or attempt the removal. 

We even have the ability to sanitise your furnishings and surrounds against the fearsome new Virus. None of us know where this will end, but better be safe than sorry. Remember, the health of your employees is crucial for the sake of everyone in your community.

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